North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach was formerly called Fulford-by-the-Sea (named in 1926 in recognition of Captain William H. Fulford of the U.S. Coast Guard, and later changed in 1931). It is perhaps somewhat more urbanized than its neighboring cities, but, don’t let that distract you from visiting. The city is culturally diverse which adds to its wide residential and tourist appeal. You can visit its attractions or simply walk around the city and hear its multi-lingualed residents chatting among themselves in English (of course), Spanish, French Creole, Chinese Portuguese to name some of the languages spoken here. And, it has its own Chinatown thanks to its sizable centrally located Asian business community.

Why is it worth living in North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach is intracoastally water-fronted though close to an inlet which means close to the ocean which means beach fun if that is your fancy. Should you enjoy stepping into antiquity, visiting the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church and its cloisters in North Miami Beach’s 12th century Spanish Monastery you are in for a wonderful foray into the past. Originally built in Sacramenia, Segovia, Spain, it was subsequently acquired by William Hearst in the 1920’s and later in the 1950’s taken down piece by piece brought to the United Sates and fully restored here. 
Should you have wedding plans in mind it is an aesthetically moving location to be married in. If you want to escape the city-ness of North Miami Beach without actually leaving take yourself to Oleta River State Park. It is an intentionally secluded 1,043 acred park with all the amenities for having a full day of sheer enjoyment and indulgence. 
You can go kayaking, swimming, camping, picnicking, and fishing among other things to do. And, if it’s too much for a one-day excursion you can reserve a cabin for overnighting it. Greynolds Park is another great park to visit. It is 249 acres with biking, canoeing, a playground, a nature center to name a few of its “to-do’s” and niceties. You can also venture through the Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park. Relax and revel in its memorable and natural beauty and enjoy its wildlife and its lush forest-like surroundings.

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