Nom de plumed “Diamond of the Gold Coast,” Hollywood Beach is approximately 30 square miles of Florida’s Gold Coast. It has a vigorous and thriving industrial center and an equally vibrant and diverse social and cultural calendar of activities and events. And, jaunting along Hollywood’s 2 ½ mile seafront esplanade is – countrywide – one of the most popular and widely enjoyed side-trips for both residents and visitors.

Why is it worth living in Hollywood

Hollywood Beach is manifold in places to go and things to do. Its Arts and Culture Center hosts a variety of entertainment and art expositions. Its ArtsPark is 10 acres of Hollywood encircling a playground, an open-air theater, facilities for recreational, educational and artistic events; and, highlighted by a fountain display of upward spiraling water. However, if it’s a walk into Nature you want, just saunter through the Anne Kolb Nature Center. Go tropical through its mangrove pathways; go waterway boating; bike its trails, visit its aquarium and do some fishing along its Intracoastal jetty.

If it’s nightlife that entices you, Hollywood has lots to offer: dance clubs, rooftop bars, lounges with a variety of live music several with Latino ambiances to name only a few highlights. There are music festivities featuring genres such as jazz, rockn’roll, blues – no room or time for lack of fine and fun things to do.

Hollywood’s 7 miles of beaches are waterfronts for many lavish resorts and hotels; boardwalks for your choice of laisse walking or more ambitious exercised jogging, cycling or perhaps rollerblading. Hollywood’s waterfront is also a port for Royal Caribbean cruise liners.


Like other neighboring cities, Hollywood Beach is a flourishing suburban’ized urban city that offers a combined, and much enjoyed, ambient environment of residential permanence with a get-away touch of vacationing within arms’ reach.

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