Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is a quasi-Cinderella turnabout when it comes to this one-time swampland now a meticulously cultivated and luxuriously architected oceanfront village: a village of 410 acres, 243 of land and 166 of water. It is what one might call a village of celebrity and caters to the monied persons of renown and status recognition: often referred to as the “Jewel in the crown of south Florida, the Gateway for the rich and famous.”

Why is it worth living in Bal Harbour

Everyone who resides in this “jeweled” village is thought of as society’s elite; and, everything that thrives here is a reflection of what is expected of and from its residents. That, nonetheless, doesn’t preclude its attraction for visitors and tourists. Bal Harbour’s shopping mall, boutiques, cuisined restaurants can “all be considered the “haute” of what is most fashionable in living, dining and shopping pleasures.

Bal Harbour is enclaved with private impeccably maintained beaches with a walking and/or jogging avenue – if you will – stretching from its northern to southern tips. In this enclaved village you’ll find patioed cafes and eateries with menued delicacies of petit-fours, wines, coffees and choice delectable: tastes to satisfy each and every one of your preferences.

Bal Harbour’s residents, many of whom may be distinguished and recognizable personages, enjoy the ambiance of their village life as will you should you visit and stroll along and within the opulence and elegance that is Bal Harbour.

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